Out of Control Suburbs Symposium

Speaker at the symposium yesterday at Hofstra University in New York. My presentation dealt with Suburban Sprawl in Lebanon in the past two decades, its financial history, and the main contributing factors.



Here is the final program of the Symposium:

The Cultures of the Suburbs International Research Network: Second Symposium


Out of Control Suburbs? Comparing Representations of Order, Disorder and Sprawl


Hofstra University 27-28 June 2013



Day 1 (Thursday 27 June 2013)

9.00 – 10.15:       Registration and coffee


10.15 – 11.30:    Welcome and Keynote Presentation by Dolores Hayden, Professor of Architecture and Professor of American Studies, Yale University.

Response: Chris Niedt, Hofstra University


11.30 – 12.55:    Panel A: Design and Influence in Cities / Suburbs: Chair: Paul Burton, Griffith University


Kristen Gagnon, Carleton University, Ottawa: (Semi)Urbanism: Creating a Hybrid Through Slippage

Lorenza Pavesi, University of Sãn Paulo, Brazil: The Campaign against “Subtopia” and the Suburban Sprawl in Post-War England

James McArdle, Deakin University: The Liminal Wilderness of Railway Margins (via Skype)

Yannis Tzaninis, University of Amsterdam: “This is the Melting Pot!”: Changes of the Expectations and Aspirations of Almere’s Newcomers

Stacey Hunter, Edinburgh University: Regional Specificity: The New Urbanism in Scotland

Soumya Manjunath Chavan, Jain University: The Suburban Cultural Identity in a Rapidly Developing City: Rajarajeshwari Nagar of Bangalore – A Case Study


12.55 – 2.15: Lunch


2.15 – 3.20:         Panel B: Social and Spatial Order / Disorder: Chair: Chris Niedt, Hofstra University


Alexandra K. Murphy, University of Michigan: “Litterers”: How Objects of Physical Disorder are used to Construct Subjects of Social Disorder in a Poor Suburb

João Pedro Nunes, University Institute of Lisbon: Suburbanization, Spatial Disorder and Placemaking in a Lisbon Suburb (Amadora, 1960-1974)

Shibboleth Shechter, University of the Arts, London: A Mosaic of Gardens

Scott E. Silsbe, New York University: “Developing” The ‘Greenleaf Trail’: Changing Perceptions of Green-space in Suffolk County, New York


3.20 – 3.35: Break


3.35 – 4.50:         Panel C: Planning: Chair: Mary Corcoran, National University of Ireland, Maynooth


Paul Burton, Griffith University: The Right to an Unsustainable Suburban Life: Australian Politics, Policy and Practice

Carlos A. Reimers, The Catholic University of America: Informal Suburbia

Maroun Kassab, University of Sydney: Suburban Sprawl in Lebanon

Keith Wilhite, Siena College: Imagining a Community of Readers in the Era of Suburban Sprawl

Carol Hager, Bryn Mawr: Community Planning in Ecologically Sensitive Landscapes: the New Jersey Pinelands


Day 2 (Friday 28 June 2013)

9.00 – 10.00:       Keynote Presentation: Dr Choodamani Nandagopal, Professor of History and Cultural Studies, Dean, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Jain University.

Response: Jo Gill, University of Exeter


10.00 – 11.15:    Panel D: Perceptions of Home / Defining the Suburbs: Chair: Jo Gill, University of Exeter


Ellen Avitts, Central Washington University: Subversion in Suburbia? Presentations and Practices of Living in Suburban Homes at the Turn of the Twenty-first Century

Lisa Choi, York University, Toronto: Of Pirate Ships and Bookshelves of Toys: In-between (Un)homeliness in the In-between City

Lael Leslie, CUNY: Residents Speak Out: The Politics of Place in a Sprawling Space

Miriam Gusevich, The Catholic University of America: Corporate Fashions: Shaping the Suburban Work Order

Bridget McFadden, New York University: O2 pIONeers! When Science Claimed the “Frontier” and the “Pioneer” Donned a Lab Coat: Examining a Shift in Post-war American Residential Patterns in Response to Atomic Discovery


11.15 – 11.30: Break


11.30 – 1.05:       Panel E: Segregation / Integration and the Suburbs: Chair: Paul Burton, Griffith University


Hannah Ewence, University of Chester: Disorderly Minorities and the Battle for the British Suburbs

Michan Andrew Connor, Emory University: Privatopia and Color-blind Racial Politics in North Fulton County Suburbs

Gregory Smithsimon, Brooklyn College, CUNY: African American Suburbs: Wealth, Security, and Punctuated Equilibrium

Llana Barber, SUNY College at Old Westbury: Debating “Savage Inequalities” in Massachusetts: Suburban Politics and the Crisis in Urban Education

Whitten Overby, Cornell University: Suburban Evangelicals: the Megachurch Movement and Orlando’s Holy Land Experience

Tim Keogh, CUNY: Suburban Order, Suburban Disorder: Jobs, Integration, and the Perceived Divide Between New York City and its Suburbs

Katrina B. Anacker, George Mason University & Christopher Niedt, Hofstra University: Immigrant Segregation Across Suburban Typologies: Findings from the 2010 Census


1.05 – 2.15: Lunch


2.15 – 3.20:         Panel F: The Suburbs in Fiction / Poetry/ Film & TV: Chair: Martin Dines, Kingston University


Gareth Millington, University of York, UK: Darkness on the Edge of Town: London, Essex and the Noir Imagination

Paul Thifault, Lindsey Wilson College: The Neighborly Mr. Ripley: Patricia Highsmith and the Murderous Suburb

Jo Gill, University of Exeter: “Ever-widening Gaps: Post-War Poetry and Suburban Sprawl”

Andrew Byler, Hampshire College: Policy, Privilege, and the Persistent Narrative of Suburban Discontent: From Post-war Trope to Contemporary Misconception


3.20 – 3.30: Break


3.30 – 4.00: Roundtable / Close